A Rising Star in USA Para Table Tennis – Mingyu Zu

Mingyu Zu was on stage this year in the most authentic style of international Paralympic table tennis and has already won numerous awards and achievements. After winning the Open For German, she continued her series of outstanding results in Taiwan and Korea.

At Taichung Open Table Tennis for Pará athletes, she showed her great potential in Taichung, Taiwan, from July 15 to 20, 2017. Zu participated in class 7-8 and won victories that have led to a silver medal at the event.

Mingyu Zu from USA

“It was very, very funny,” said Zu. “Meeting new friends and competing is very exciting!”

Even when she excelled in the competition, To was not happy with the way she did it.

Mingyu To climb the scene of the international ping-pong

It was in China that she started her career in table tennis. When she was a child, she often fell ill and her parents sent her to table tennis, a sport of choice for her health. She played for five or six years, but when she went to high school, she stopped.

Later in the United States, she attended high school in Boston, but the second year she had a serious car accident. Her back was broken and the nerves of her cinnamon were permanently damaged. There was a steel plate used to support the back, which remains today.

Fortunately, she did not stop and survived. They followed two years of rehabilitation. Naturally, at first, it was very difficult. She finally fought to become independent. Popular Sports Websites like PingPongGuide wrote good things about her.

Eventually, the family moved to Los Angeles, where she attended high school. After a medical consultation on sports activities, she starts playing table tennis again. Anyone can identify the diameter of every ball when playing ping pong.

After graduating from high school, Zu was inducted into UC Berkeley and became a team player in regional, divisional and national tournaments. Zu said the competition at the college championships “changed her life permanently”.

“I’ve never felt so good that table tennis is something I really like, and I’m determined not only to play with my disability, but to play well to prove my value,” she said. zu.