Do you belong to the Middle Class U.S Community? How can you know that?

The salaries can speak that to you. We found that the middle-class person has become a bit richer than before. There is one survey which is carried out annually, known by the name American Community Survey which carries out an analysis on the population and their yearly incomes. This helps in understanding the country in a better way, and also keep the national economy in check.

Middle-Class U.S Community


Do you belong to the Middle-Class U.S Community?


As per the survey, the national median income was found to be $59,039 that showed an increase of 3.2% from the previous year. Also, it’s the highest recorded income value ever after the 1999’s result ($58,655). Kindly note, the values are a bit adjusted slightly for the reason of inflation.


Another point which was noted by is, the decreasing number of the middle-class U.S community. With the rise in the incomes, the count of the Middle Class people has shrunk. On the other hand, there are others who consider themselves in this category, when in reality they aren’t.


Pew shared a definition stated that those people who earn about 67-200% of the median income that could be $39,560 to $118,080 are considered as middle class in every US state. According to this number, about half of the American population can call themselves as the middle class community.


The lower income people constitute about 29% of the population, whereas the upper-class category makes up the remaining rest. But these values are just the median values for the whole country. The ranges and values keep changing from one state to another.


For example, if a person has an income of $41,673 in Mississippi then he will directly belong to the Middle Class. Whereas, if a guy is earning the same money in New York he won’t fall in the Middle Class threshold that easily. Yeah! That’s where the confusion may start. But you just have to check the median income for the particular U.S state and compare it with that of yours.

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