Top World News Sources for Kids for 2018 – Online Lessons

Being aware of the things happening around you is important. You might have started reading newspapers at the age of 10, but things have changed a lot with the advent of technology. Kids these days, may even know about a stuff that you may not be aware of!


Things that get inside the young brains, stays forever!

Top World News Sources for Kids for 2018


You can get some really cool informative online sources for your child. This will boost their creativity, and also make them smart. First of all, you need to check the age limit for using a source, as some of them come with a restriction sort of thing.


On the other hand, there are sources which are dedicatedly made for the younger audience. We will discuss out a few here:


Time for Kids


TIME for Kids is brought to you by TIME, one of the trusted named in the field of journalism. Check out a few of the publications, and see how they have tailored the news making it suitable for the kids. It will inspire the kids to take part in the national debates, and also let them know the current affairs.


Scholastic News


Apart from the colorful school magazines, Scholastic has emerged from a book publishing company to an online News House. You will find articles and other interesting sources for kids from grade 1 to 6.


Here There Everywhere


Here There Everywhere is for the elementary and the older school-going students. The main purpose of the website is to let the kids know the world is connected, and give them an introduction to the things that happen in the real world.


Dogo News


There are over 3000+ articles available on the Dogo News, along with 2000 assignments for Vocab building, Critical Thinking, etc. Contents available here will be useful to K – 8th Grade kids. Topics that are covered include Current Events, Social Studies, World, Fun, Kids, Science, and others.


PBS Newshour Extra


The Final one is the PBS Newshour Extra, which is a part of the PBS Newshour. The PBS Newshour Extra is specifically designed for the teachers and students studying in 7 to 12 grades.


These are our most liked World News Sources that you can set up for your kids. Which are your favorite ones from the list, and why? Comment your answers below.

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